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Stock of predecessor companies   (Updated May 30, 2021.) Comments welcome. Do not send personal information to us. info-stock@hpalumni.org

Time to untangle your stock! No one but you really cares about your employment-related stock. You may have had stock in up to seven HP-related companies. Your stock may not all be in the same place or be registered to your current postal address. You may need to retrieve lost stock, dividends, or cash payouts, find stray accounts, or estimate your cost basis. An HPAlumniteam has developed a step-by-step process to find and protect your stock. Employee Stock

"Potential Private Retirement Benefit" letter from Social Security. The key word is "potential." It reports the most recent transaction in a benefit plan that you were once enrolled in. If both "Type" and "Frequency" are coded "A" -- it means that during the "Year Reported" you rolled the money into a different plan, or  bought an annuity, or took the cash. For details or if coded otherwise, go to Potential Benefit Letter.

How to check for lost stock, dividends, and other unclaimed property https://www.hpalumni.org/Unclaimed

The Hewlett-Packard Company, predecessor to HPInc and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company (HPE) had a page on their financial website entitled "Q and A," which linked to FAQs giving details for stockholders of companies that HP had acquired. The FAQs are no longer on the HPInc financial website -- and the FAQs about acquisitions that became part of HPE on Nov 1, 2015 are not on the HPE financial website.

The most recent copy of the HP financial "Q and A" page in the Internet Archive was collected on Jan 9, 2017 -- and it has links to a copy of each FAQ:  https://web.archive.org/web/20190109232600/http://h30261.www3.hp.com/faq.aspx 

The stock in these predecessor companies is no longer traded. The shareholders -- including former employees who had stock or options -- were paid off in cash or stock of the acquiring company at the time of the acquisition.

If you have stock paperwork or certificates from predecessor companies:   Autonomy    Compaq    Digital    EDS    Perspecta    Tandem

Indigo. "In March 2002, an HP subsidiary... completed an exchange offer to acquire the outstanding shares of Indigo... On May 8, 2008, the Dutch Court rendered its judgment in this proceeding and awarded HP Europa the right to compulsorily acquire the Outstanding Shares. The Dutch Court set the acquisition price for the Outstanding Shares at US$ 6.39 per share..."

Mercury. "On November 2, 2006, HP completed the tender offer. Pursuant to the terms of the tender offer, Mercury stockholders who tendered their shares prior to the expiration of the offer received, in exchange for their Mercury shares, $52.00 per share in cash, without interest, less required withholding taxes."

Opsware. "HP will acquire Opsware through a cash tender offer for all of the outstanding shares of Opsware, followed by a merger or Opsware with an HP subsidiary. We expect the acquisition to close in HP's fourth fiscal quarter of 2007." [Cash paid per-share not given in the FAQ. It should be findable via Google search or search of SEC filings.]

Peregrine. "The acquisition was a cash merger and closed December 19, 2005 after meeting Peregrine stockholder approval and customary closing conditions and regulatory approvals." Bankruptcy Sept 22, 2002. All stock cancelled August 7, 2003. HP paid $26 per new share on December 19, 2005

HPAA's unofficial directory of 163 acquisitions -- and 30 divestitures and spinoffs -- by HP, HPInc, and HPE since 1958.

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